I coach people, I help people overcome challenges and free themselves. I can help you too, regardless of how small or large your obstacle is. I will help you find your true purpose in life and drive the passion in you.

I have two types of client:

Looking to transition: You want to move on, you know you are in the wrong role, your values may not be aligned. Your financial situation needs to improve; you are more valuable than this. Whatever you are going through, you can make the change if you truly commit. Let me help you by holding you accountable and walking you through easy steps to get you out of the rat race and into a career that you feels passionate about.

Staying and improving: You love the company you are with, you may even enjoy the role you are in. You might be looking for that next promotion or you may have already been promoted. Something is not sitting right. Your mindset or approach needs to change. Your behavior is not aligning with the expectations of others around you. You need to make a fundamental change.

Regardless of what your challenge or obstacle has become, I can help you. After working 25 years in a corporate career riddled with politics, agendas and relentless goals, I have the tools, training and background to get you through.

I offer 2 types of coaching:

1:1 Coaching – Working closely together on a fundamental shift that gets you excited about the possibilities ahead. My 1:1 coaching is powerful and delivers results, period. The most effective coaching and my best selling program by far. Typical clients are engaged for 12 x 1-hour sessions over a 3 month period, some last beyond. The moment we start we make changes happen.

I offer a FREE, no obligation, no expectation 1-hour session to discuss your challenge in detail and see if you are truly committed to the change. In return, you get to see if I am the ideal coach for you.

Small Group Coaching – Aligning you with other peers that have the same issues or challenges can be rewarding as you share you experiences and get live, direct feedback and insights from others around you. My small group programs typically have 4 people attending plus me coaching and facilitating the group session.

Contact me to discuss your particular challenge in detail and I will give you program information along with dates of all forthcoming group sessions. During that time, you ask every question you can think of and more and find out if my group sessions are right for you.

YOUR FUTURE CAN CHANGE if you choose to take action. All of my clients experienced the same as you are now. Unsure but they knew something had to change. There is only one step between you and aligning your true future.

Taking action can be easier than you think – contact me and together we will conquer your roadbloacks, overcome your procrastination and starting achieving. My programs are designed for today’s fast moving world, with less and less time to get things done. Becoming task and step driven will truly help you move forward and I am here to walk alongside you.

“ACTION is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

Contact me TODAY to schedule your session and challenge yourself to take the step towards change.